SSHBA Member Testimonials

Mark Seigle of Seigle’s Cabinet Center– “Seigle’s Cabinet Center is proud of the company we keep.  Not just the top Builders in the Chicago market but our active participation in the area homebuilder associations including SSHBA.  Their membership includes the long standing, most successful builders in our community who recognize the need to support our industry and stay on top of the latest business and product trends.”

Patrick J. Connelly of Mora Builders, Inc.- “Building with a member ensures the highest quality possible for our customers and our customers deserve that.”

E. Patrick Franz of Clairmont, Ltd.- “Why it is so important to build with an SSHBA Member? For a homeowner, deciding to build or remodel a home is a big decision. Outside of buying the home, it may be the single biggest investment a homeowner makes. A homeowner who hires a SSHBA member is hiring an individual who has made a strong commitment to not only his or her own professionalism, but that of the building/remodeling industry and to his or her business. With building law and science in constant motion, SSHBA members join because they want to be current on both as well as up to date on best management practices.”